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Urząd Miasta Sulejówek
tel. +48 22 76-06-201
The Council and the Mayor of Sulejówek would like to invite to cooperation all these, for whom the welfare of the town is an important issue.

The integration of all social forces is a specific guarantee of maintaining Our Town within the mainstream of the economic and civilization processes.

The course of changes ought to be known not only to the leader, but also to the society, which – when understanding the changes and ready to accept them – will be better prepared not only to adjust to them, but also to use them with a view to improving its own well-being.

In order to restore the balance between the individual freedom and the need to possess an active society around us, in this insecure and perilous world we need to unify our individual interest with the respect for the needs of the others.

The 85-percent support in the historic election for the Mayor of Sulejówek in the year 2002 should in my opinion be synonymous to the fact that on the so-called "development ladder" Our Town and Its Community is more and more dynamic.

Two thousand years ago Seneka wrote: "When you sail onto the sea not knowing the harbour all the winds are favourable".

With respect,
The Mayor of Sulejówek
Arkadiusz Sliwa

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